by Triston Brewer

2EROS is known for being on the cutting edge of fashion and their new V10 and V60 swimwear series continue that trend, showcasing the brand’s trademark style like never before.

2EROS – V10 Sunset

The V10 fit has quickly become one of the most popular in their line and it’s easy to see why. Featuring a bold, low-rise cut that celebrates the male form and hugs every curve, this is a look available in several colours (yellow, blue, orange, pink) that also combines silver silhouettes and a gold foil feature that ensures that they stand out in a crowd with ease.

2EROS – V60 Tiger

V60 Tiger is the newest fit by 2EROS and is a low-rise brief with a reinforced waistband that yields an additional layer of comfort along with their trademark pouch. Just like the tiger it is inspired by, it is confident, daring, captivating, and magnetic, making it the perfect statement piece for the summer.