Heya folks! My name is Maurice Bright and welcome to my new fitness column, Fit Corner, here at Men and Underwear. I’m a personal trainer, published fitness writer and published muscle model as far as credentials are concerned. I’m here to educate, fascinate and demonstrate oodles of helpful fitness information and tips for you all to take away and utilize. Now that the boring introductions are sorted, let’s get down to the real fun 🙂

Maurice Bright - Fit Corner for Men and Underwear

Cable kickbacks for a bubblier backside

When it comes to optimizing building muscle, 1st comes barbell exercises THEN dumbbells then machines and lastly cables but is this order of operation mandatory? Can you rearrange each instrument of physical torture and still be optimal? Unfortunately, I’d say no. The reason for that is because if we’re on the topic of optimal performance then barbell moves such as barbell squats, barbell deadlifts and barbell bench press reign supreme primarily due to the copious amount of progressive overload possible on the body. This does not mean you can’t build muscle using other methods, for example, something as simple as cable kickbacks can help turn a flat booty into a sensational romp. Cable kickbacks are literally that; you’re kicking back on the cables with the attachment placed around your ankle as opposed to sitting in the palm of your hand as per usual. What this move does is stimulate the upper hamstring and glutes via constant tension from the cables and from the weight loaded itself – I’d recommend a dosage of high volume laced with slow, controlled movement. Being that you won’t be using a ridiculous amount of weight for this exercise, really focus on controlling the motion and feeling the squeeze of each buttock respectively as you donkey kick back. This may not be a squat but trust me when I say this exercise here has definitely helped to put a few more inches into my compression shorts; programming will read below so try it out and let me know how them cheeks feelin’ after!

Cable kickback itinerary:

1 set of 20 reps

1 set of 15 reps

1 set of 12 reps

1 set of 10 reps

Resting periods in-between sets: A maximum time of 1 minute and a minimum time of 30 seconds.

Additional notes: Remember to squeeze the butt cheek you’re working as you controllably ascend with the weight back and be sure to descend with just as much control.

Maurice Bright - Fit Corner for Men and Underwear

Maurice Bright - Fit Corner for Men and Underwear

Article written by / model: Maurice Bright
Photographer: Diana Etienne
Underwear supplied by: Male Basics