Just like (almost) every weekend here is a special post with all things Men and Underwear we liked this week. The list you see below includes posts from other blogs, new underwear and swimwear releases, underwear sales and so much more! Enjoy your first weekend of May in a Men and Underwear style!

Anthony Forte by Thomas Synnamon
Anthony Forte by Thomas Synnamon via Homotrophy


Need to see: Anthony Forte photographed by Thomas Synnamon (photo above) at Homotography

Grey hot shadows… Kerry Degman by Bell Soto for Risbel magazine at ACDG

You’ve seen him before on Men and Underwear. Alex Cannon joins Judge Jordie on MTV.

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Our favourite “hunk du Jour” this week was definitely Vasa Nestorovic



Did you check out the new sheer underwear (photo below) by Cocksox?

We liked the first T-shirt collection of Garcon Francais

What do you think about the new campaign of Charlie by Matthew Zink? The full set of images here

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What about a suit that you could wear at work and surfing? Check out the True Wet Suits

Sheer mens underwear by Cocksox