You asked for Skye Boyland to be featured on our blog and we listened!
We found some of the sexiest pictures of his and we gathered them all here. Skye was the cover model for the gay Australian magazine DNA issue 97. The magazine featured him as Mr Natural Bodybuilder Skye Boyland. The “natural” goes to the fact that he never used steroids and that his physique is the outcome of his genes plus very hard exercise. The pictures were taken by photographer Ross Brownsdon at the Adelphi Hotel, Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Skye is wearing DNA swimwear.

Skye Boyland was also the 2007 Victorian Champion U70kg

We read on
DNA Magazine – Issue 97
“DNA cover model and natural bodybuilder Skye Boyland (yes, that’s his real name) has no added flavours, colours or preservatives. He tells DNA about making himself big and hard the natural way.

DNA: You’re a natural bodybuilder. What does the ‘natural’ mean?
Skye Boyland: It’s done without the use of steroids or other performance enhancers. Instead, I rely on a combination of relentless hard work and good genetics.
DNA: How long have you been bodybuilding for?
Skye Boyland: It’s hard to say as I’ve been training at the gym since I was 16 and it’s always been a part of my life.”

Skye Boyland in DNA swimwear

Skye Boyland half naked in DNA swimwear

Skye Boyland half naked

Skye Boyland for gay magazine DNA

Skye Boyland naked for gay magazine DNA

Skye Boyland naked for gay magazine DNA

In the magazine’s blog we also read about a spicy incident! Bodybuilding champ Skye Boyland, put on a sexy show for the DNA crew during his photoshoot by stripping in the shower. Wearing a custom-made Craig Lawson cotton shirt and a pair of Ristefsky Macheda boardshorts, Skye jumped in the shower and proceeded to take it all off. To their delight he was also wearing a pair of bulge-hugging DNA swimmers underneath! Sadly, they stayed on. Here is the pic by the same photographer which sadly didn’t make it in the magazine:

Skye Boyland naked in the shower

Also on facebook we found one more picture of him, this time at the gym!

Skye Boyland at the gym

Which picture do you like the most?