Monday, January 30, 2012

Mr Gay UK photo shoot

Mr Gay UK is a British annual beauty contest for gay men, with regional heats held in gay nightclubs with a grand final usually at a gay venue. The contests is owned and promoted by gay entrepreneur Terry George. It began in 1982 as "Mr Hardware" (named after a fragrance) designed to promote a gay mail order company. The event, held in the Heaven nightclub, was filmed by the BBC as part of a documentary entitled Something For the Ladies.
In 1984, the competition name was changed to Mr Gay UK. Since then, the event has been recorded for video release (1993), featured on a Channel 4 series, Passengers (1994) and the event itself was broadcast on Five in 1998 and 1999.
Recent Grand Final’s have taken place at The Flamingo Club, Blackpool and The Ritz, Manchester.
Many star names have also been associated with the contest: Lily Savage, Jason Donovan, Phil Olivier, Graham Norton, Sonya, Jane McDonald, Tim Vincent, Rhona Cameron, the late Paula Yates and Michelle Heaton are just some of the names who have hosted the final. Sir Ian McKellen, Richard Wilson, Jean Paul Gaultier, Denise Van Outen, Antony Cotton, Danny La Rue, Justin Fashanu, Anita Dobson, Sue Pollard and a host of TV and soap stars are just a few of the fabulous people who have acted as celebrity judges.
The first step is taking part in a heat, held at clubs and pubs all around the UK throughout September. Many of the heats have their own prizes for first, second and third places, but the prize on everyones mind is getting through to the Grand Final.
The winner this year is Sam Kneen, who is a hairdresser from Cardiff.
Enjoy his first personal photo shoot at Carr Hall Castle in Leeds.

Mr Gay UK 2011 at the gym

Mr Gay UK 2011 at the gym

Mr Gay UK 2011

Mr Gay UK 2011

Mr Gay UK 2011 half-naked

Mr Gay UK 2011 half-naked

Mr Gay UK 2011 half-naked

Mr Gay UK 2011 half-naked

Mr Gay UK 2011

Mr Gay UK 2011 half-naked

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tom Ellis exposed for Attitude

I am pretty sure most of you never heard of Tom Ellis. Well he is a very handsome straight actor who played Gary in one my favourite comedy series on BBC called "Miranda". What? You haven't seen Miranda? Guys youtube it, it is really funny! I think the guy is super hot, maybe not as hot as Harry Judd featuring in the previous issue of Attitude (see my previous post about sexy Harry) but definitely very close! My only objection in this photoshoot is the baggy boxers!

Tom Ellis in Attitude Magazine

Tom Ellis in his underwear

Tom Ellis half naked

Monday, January 23, 2012

Freshmen Andrew Christian car wash pictures

I am pretty sure everyone watched the new video from Andrew Cristian featuring models in wet underpants playing and fooling around in a car wash. One of the sexiest videos we have seen from underwear brands in the recent years. Here I present you the pictures fro the shoot, which I promise you are as sexy as the video itself!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Model pictures from Crow magazine

Here are some pictures I found from Crow Magazine in Thailand. Stunning models in beautiful poses! Do you like these?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No Limits Underwear plans to help GLBT organisations

No Limits Underwear is not just your regular Underwear brand. At the core of the brand is its goal of delivering the highest quality products while providing excellent customer focused service. No Limits Underwear understands its market and the changing needs of its buyers, everyday the brand is working hard to create a comfort zone so all men, especially gay men can feel beautiful. No Limits shares, "Women have Victoria's Secret, that's what we want No Limits to be to men. Gay men are more attuned to what people think, and are more considerate when choosing clothing, often asking "how does this look on me?" We want you to feel special. Confident in looking great in our underwear and feeling like the desirable person you are. To feel energized, validated, wanted and appreciated. Self love starts from the inside-out, so does clothing a person, and we all start with underwear."

During the Interview with the brand, we also learned about the brand's commitment to the cause of the GLBT rights, "We at No Limits Underwear care about you. When we reach a financial viability, we will donate a portion of every sale to GLBT and human rights organizations. We want to be a voice and to make a difference in our world community. We are passionate about helping bring equality into the 21st century for all people who are discriminated against for their sex, be it the right for gays to marry, or women who have their sexual organs mutilated in third world countries. We want to add our voice to the cause of freedom. We can do that, and you can do that by supporting No Limits Underwear. Championing a cause, while purchasing great underwear is a win-win for everyone. Our underwear is European styled, which means it is made by the finest materials available with comfort, durability, unique/exiting patterns and great fit, which sets us apart from our competitors. It doesn't stop there. We offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders, as well as distributor pricing for boutiques and stores. Our basic pricing is very competitive, if not cheaper than other up-scale stores."

To find out more about the brand visit No Limits Underwear

Monday, January 16, 2012

Model Cedric Andries by Francois Matthys

Europe based gay male model Cedric Andries in a sexy photo shoot by Francois Matthys. Cedric is a student in Fashion Technology in Denmark and he is passionate about fashion and modeling. What do you thing guys? Do you like him? Would you like to see more of him?

Get Oskar Franks at 30% off!

Friday, January 13, 2012

No limits, a brand of two continents

On this blog you have the chance to meet all kinds of brands. No brand is big or small to us and as long as we like what they do they deserve a space on our blog. Today's presentation is for a brand named No Limits. If you haven't heard of them well it is time to have a look at what they do. Designed in Europe and USA, they offer a provocative assortment of men's and unisex (!) garments.

And as every brand we present you on this blog comes with a great offer, check this out: No Limits have a whole inventory at wholesale pricing until the end of February. And one more, all new customers will get a free keychain whistle, and a reusable black zipper pouch for free! Check them out and leave your comments below to tell us what you think of them

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do you like Addicted underwear?

Today we are featuring a brand from Spain. It is called addicted and I am sure you have heard of it quite a lot recently. They make quite colourful garments with very good quality in fabrics and making. We are posting some of their designs which you can buy with a 30% discount from His and hers underwear. Use "HISHERS30" at checkout!
This brand has a masculine and sexy vibe while keeping it stylish. Enjoy the pictures. Don't forget the amazing offer from His and Hers. One lucky customer (for January orders only) will win a voucher of 50 euros for every month of 2012. This means your underwear for the whole year! It could be you!

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